Health and Safety


Our approach

We like to turn health and safety on its head – it’s not just clipboards and policies – its about understanding what our client is trying to achieve and then finding a way to make it happen, safely.  

By being part of your team from day one, we’ll bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to your event making sure the correct controls and plans are in place so that you can focus on the fun stuff. 

You want to drive F1 cars through your event site? Sure thing.

You want to finish off your evening with a jaw-dropping firework show in front of 40,000 people? No problem. 

Let’s chat and we’ll find a way to do it! 

The earlier we get involved with your event, the more we can bring to it. From site design to getting the most out of your production schedule, writing all safety documents through to managing safety across all phases of your event, we’ll work through the detail to ensure all legislation and licensing requirements are met. 

At your event, your onsite health and safety requirements will be delivered by an experienced Redwood safety officer and onsite team, ensuring that any matters relating to safety, local authorities or blue light services can be effectively and correctly to managed.